Coach Doug

Coach Doug


In 2012 I co-operated a facility out of my garage where I would train and train others in Olympic and Powerlifting as well as the art of JuJitsu. I was introduced to CrossFit in 2016 where I’ve strayed away from solely isolated movements and focused on High Intensity, Constantly Varied and Functional movements. I have a CrossFit Level I certificate and have been coaching CrossFit for the past four years.

My passion for CrossFit is for others to build on their overall strength, push themselves beyond the limit they think they cannot reach and to live a healthier life that’s contagious to the next generation! I love Jesus, I’m not perfect, I take everything as an opportunity to learn, I’m passionate about fathering the fatherless, and my favorite movements consist of the Deadlift, Hand Stand Push-ups, and the Clean and Jerk.

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