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Decima has a philosophy when it comes to fitness: mechanic, consistency, then intensity.  We believe that the shortest path to success is with intensity but we must build upon a foundation of proper movement first which will pave the path to longevity in fitness.  CrossFit is the most amazing program when applied correctly and at Decima, we believe we have perfected the “Art of CrossFit.”

Decima’s brand of CrossFit is that of the virtuosity of movement and we believe in teaching people the importance of mastering the movement first, which takes patience but will pay off in safety and overall success in fitness.  Our standards of coaching are the highest and each class is coach-led, with a specific warm-up designed to get your body ready for the workout, followed by the workout that can include strength or a skills session, and then into the conditioning, followed by a cool down.

Safety is our main concern!  That’s why our coaches are skilled at modifying the workout to suit the individual.  We know that some movements are complex and that these movements will test your fitness from every angle, but we believe that everyone can do CrossFit, with the proper modifications and the help of our awesome coaches. 

*Privacy Policy: Decima CrossFit does not share customer information with any third parties.

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At Decima CrossFit we fully embrace the CrossFit methodology, because it works. We are a community based on a common goal of becoming the best versions of ourselves. We find our weakness and then conquer them, we suffer together and become stronger together. Since safety is our first concern, be assured that the trainers at Decima CrossFit are of the highest caliber, friendly and uniquely skilled in human movement.

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